Band Saw vs Scroll Saw: How Are They Different And Which Is Better?

By Tom Pelly | Woodworking

Mar 20

When it comes to choosing which saw to use, it may be a bit confusing at first. The question of which is better between a Band Saw vs Scroll Saw would likely come to mind.

However, for you to be able to make a decision, you need to know each tool in detail. Learning more about the Band Saw and Scroll Saw and their specialties will get you a more constructive idea of which to pick.

In this article, I will discuss the differences between a Band Saw vs Scroll Saw. In this way, you will have detailed knowledge on what type works best for which project you want to take on. Furthermore, I will share some important tips along the way as well.

Knowing What Is A Band Saw And Scroll Saw

1. Band Saw

A Band Saw is considered a versatile tool and is typically used to tackle specialty cuts.

One advantage of a Band Saw over other tools is that it is vertically adjustable which can give you the ability to work on larger pieces of materials.

In addition to this, it is also known to have the accuracy and speed in making specialty cuts.

Although the Band Saw has the ability to make difficult cuts, it still can’t match the level of intricacy a Scroll Saw can handle.

With a blade that comes with various widths as well as different tool styles, it is the ideal tool that can achieve moderate variation cuts like particular patterns and odd angles. 

2. Scroll Saw

Also known as a “specialty saw”, the Scroll Saw offers a wide range of specialty cuts. It is the ideal go-to tool for cutting intricate designs.

If you are someone who enjoys wood crafting and is fond of creating very detailed and intricate patterns, the Scroll Saw is a tool you need to keep in mind.

It is a very handy tool that entitles you to have extreme accuracy and versatility in cutting through the material you are working on. One of the advantages of a Scroll Saw is that it is operated with a foot pedal.

This means that both of your hands are free to move around and guide the material so you can achieve those difficult, precise, and clean cuts.

Band Saw vs Scroll Saw: Is There Really A Difference Between Them?

For an avid woodworker, both the band saw and scroll saw are widely used for construction projects.

Although both equipment is easy to work with and prove to be affordable, there are still some differences between the two that you need to look into when deciding which to use. 

  • Size

Talking about size, the Band Saw is an obvious winner. A Band Saw, having a large blade, typically ranges from 6 feet to 11 feet. On the other hand, the Scroll Saw having shorter blades is also smaller when it comes to size.

  • Purpose

While both tools share the versatility in cutting materials, they do have differences in purpose. The Scroll Saw is mainly used for cutting very delicate and intricate patterns.

All these are because of its blades that have an oscillatory motion which results in precise and clean finish. On the other hand, the Band Saw is mainly used in industrial settings for cutting through large and thick materials. 

  • Thickness of Material

When it comes to the thickness of the material, the Band Saw has an advantage over the Scroll Saw since it can cut through large and thick materials.

The Band Saw which is vertically adjustable can be used for materials that are about 6 inches up to 30 inches in thickness. Meanwhile, having delicate blades, the Scroll Saw can work with smaller pieces of materials.

  • Versatility

Both tools are considered versatile since they can achieve a wide range of cut variations. Nevertheless, the Scroll Saw takes it on a whole different level with its ability to gives precise cuts even for the most detailed designs.

Although the Band Saw can also create difficult angled cuts and patterns, it can’t match the Scroll Saw when it comes to this.

Applications of Band Saw And Scroll Saw

Now that I have shared with you the differences between Band Saw and Scroll Saw, here are some of the applications for these two tools that can serve as a guide for you.

1. Band Saw

Working with large and thick pieces of materials that require difficult and angled cuts, your most valid option is to use the Band Saw.

Since it is vertically adjustable, it allows you to work on large pieces of materials while still offering a wide range of cut variations.

Be it straight cuts, curves or interior cuts, the Band Saw can give you results that are quick and accurate.

2. Scroll Saw

If you are a woodworker that is looking for a tool to aid you in cutting very intricate and detailed designs, the Scroll Saw is the perfect tool you need to have.

It is best for crafting small sculptures as well as a jigsaw puzzle. It gives you the freedom to maneuver your material using both hands so you can achieve precise and clean cuts.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, both the Band Saw and Scroll Saw are considered versatile and high precision tools you can use for cutting material. Be that as it may, they also have a lot of differences in terms of purpose, size, and application.

But, choosing which of the two is better boils down to what specific project you are working on. Now that you have a better idea of how the Band Saw and Scroll Saw works, you can decide which one you will go with. 

Are you now able to see the difference between band saw vs scroll saw? Are you able to learn a thing or two in reading this article?

Do you have other suggestions regarding this topic? I would like to hear your thoughts about this article. Send your feedback and suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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