How To Fix A Door That Won’t Stay Open: A Simple Guide Plus Some Tips

By Tom Pelly | Home Maintenance

Apr 23
how to fix a door that wont stay open

Have you ever experienced your door not being able to stay open when it needs to? You have to admit that this could be a big inconvenience and wonder how to fix a door that won’t stay open.

Often times when occurrences like this happen, you need to deal with the situation immediately. For this reason, you need to equip yourself with the proper know-how of fixing or repairing things around the house.

Knowing how to fix a door that won’t stay open is just one of those things. Apart from dealing with it immediately, you can also save money by having to consider a professional do it for you.

Using this guide, I will share with you the trouble-free guide on how to fix a door that won’t stay open. Plus, I will also discuss some tips you would want to know.

What You Will Need

Here the particulars that you need in order to execute the project of successfully fixing a door that won’t stay open. 

  • check
    Door Stopper - this is used to secure the door while you are working to fix the hinges or hinge pin.
  • check
    Nail set and hammer - this is used so you can remove the hinge pin.
  • check
    Vice - this is where you will place the hinge pin so you can gently tap it for it to slightly bend.
  • check
    Screwdriver - use this to tightly fasten the screws on the hinges of the door.
  • check
    Clean rag or piece of cloth - use this to get rid or wipe off any residual or excess grease from the hinges and hinge pin of the door.
  • check
    Carpenter’s glue - a small amount of this is placed in to screw holes before sticking the matchsticks in.
  • check
    Shim - this can be bought at any hardware stores and is use to be inserted to fix the alignment of the door.

How To Fix A Door That Won’t Stay Open: The Step-by-step Procedure

There might be more than one reason why your door won’t stay open. Often times this could be caused by loose hinges.

On several occasions, there could be an issue with the hinge pins, misaligned hinges or even unbalanced door frame.

With this guide, I will try to tackle each of these issues and share the steps on fixing a door that won’t stay open.

If you have the particulars that you require for this project ready, you can carry on with completing the step-by-step procedures on how to fix a door that won’t stay open.

1. Loose Hinges

The most common cause of a door that won’t stay open is having loose hinges. Assess the door to see if the problem is caused by loose hinges. If this is the case, it will only take you a few minutes to fix.

Insert a door stopper on the bottom of the door to keep it in place. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws of the hinges on your door.

If in case the old screws have lost their grip, you can reinforce them easily. Remove the old screws and then remove the hinge plate. Put a small amount of carpenter’s glue unto the screw holes.

Take a few matchsticks or toothpicks and stick them unto to the screw holes and cut off any excess. Place the hinge plate back and screw it tightly.

Subsequently, remove the door stopper and check if the problem is fixed. Otherwise, there could be another reason why your door won’t stay open.

(Tip: You can also replace the old screws with longer ones for it to have a tighter grip and ensure the hinges are secured properly.)

2. Hinge Pin

Another possible cause of a door that won’t stay open is having too much grease on the hinge pin. Check the hinge pins of your door if they are over-greased.

Using a clean rag or piece of cloth, wipe off any residual or excess grease from the hinges and hinge pins. The excess lubricant lessens the friction which makes the door shut easily.

If getting rid of any excess grease did not solve the problem, you can resort to bending the hinge pin. The first thing you need to do is to remove the hinge pin.

But, before you proceed, make sure that you insert a door stopper to secure the door. To proceed, using a hammer and a nail set, tap the bottom of the hinge pin until it pops out.

Next is to place the hinge pin in a vice. Using a hammer, tap the middle of the hinge pin gently until you notice a slight bend.

Once this is done, you can place the hinge pin back to the hinges. Afterward, test the door to check if the problem is fixed.

Other Options For Fixing A Door That Won’t Stay Open

Here are some other options that you can also look into when fixing a door that won’t stay open.

1. Using Door Stoppers or Door Wedges

One of the quick fixes that you can opt for if you have a door that won’t stay open is to use a door stopper or door wedge.

If in any case you do not have a door stopper or a door wedge, you can make use of folded pieces of paper of a piece of cardboard that you can stick at the bottom of the door to keep it from closing.

Nevertheless, this is only a quick fix and for a permanent fix, you need to go for other options.

2. Using A Shim

Another option that you can use if necessary is to use a shim to give your door the precise alignment. For this to work, you need to loosen the screws of the bottom hinge.

Get your shim which can be bought at any hardware store and insert it through the door gap of the bottom hinge.

If you see the alignment has been corrected, you can proceed to screw back the hinge securely. Finally, check and see if the problem is fixed.

For this process, watch this clip to see how it is done.

3. Fixing The Entire Door Frame

Lastly, you can opt to have the entire door frame fixed if the problem still persists. 

However, this option will require a professional and will be costly. Before doing so, I would suggest you can try the other easier options to see if it does the trick.


Fixing or repairing things around the house can be a daunting task. Be that as it may, it also gives a fulfilling sense of feeling the moment you have executed a project.

Another thing is that developing the skills and acquiring this knowledge can spare you a lot of money that you will spend had you seek help from a professional to do the job for you.

Now that you are equipped with the know-how about these procedures, you can worry less if you encounter the same problems.

Was this article able to help you? Were you able to comply with step-by-step procedures? Were the additional tips useful? Do you have any further suggestions about this topic?

It would be great to hear your thoughts about this article. You can send your reactions and recommendations by leaving a comment below.

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