What Is A Wet Bar? A Complete Guide Plus Bonus Tips You Should Know!

By Tom Pelly | Home Improvement

Apr 13

There are certain parts of your house that are used for recreation and relaxation like the wet bar. Be that as it may, to a few people, they will often ask, what is a wet bar?

And why would you want something as such in your house? If you are a person that enjoys having friends over or gathering the family together, having a wet bar at home can do wondrous things for you.

Having access to a part of your house where you can relax or entertain at the same time has its benefits.

With this article, I will help resolve the question, what is a wet bar and why you should consider having it. Plus, I will also share a few benefits of having a wet bar.

What Is A Wet Bar?

To put it simply, a wet bar is a small space or a bar used for mixing alcoholic drinks which also includes a built-in sink or any type of access to running water.

Wet bars became popular or gained attention back in the 1970s and 80s. This is the period when most homeowners started outfitting the basements to have a built-in bar.

This became a trend due to the convenience it provides when entertaining a number of people in homes. Overtime wet bars have had a lot of change as well as additional features.

Nowadays, wet bars are no longer contained in the basements of houses. You can have your own wet bar in your backyard or wherever you feel it fits best.

Wet bars are ideal for people who enjoy inviting and hosting gatherings at their homes. It is a place where your guests can sit, relax, and have a conversation over food and some drinks.

You can also customize your wet bar based on what fits your needs. Best of all, it greatly adds value to your home with the advantages it offers.

Benefits Of Having A Wet Bar

Having your very own wet bar at home can have numerous benefits other than a space for merely chilling out or entertaining guests. Here are a few of the benefits that you should know when owning a wet bar.

  • Available Sink

This is one of the key features and most beneficial elements when you have a wet bar. You do not need to run to the kitchen for water or to wash glasses for drink refills.

A wet bar already has a built-in sink with running water as well as plumbing. This makes it a lot easier to wash those glasses that were used. You also have access to water easily available whenever you need it.

  • Keeping Drinks Cold

Another key feature of a wet bar is having a mini refrigerator. This also serves as another advantage of owning a wet bar.

The mini refrigerator on the wet bar also means the drinks you will be serving will be cold which is a total plus factor. For sure your family and friends will have the time of their lives while at your home.

  • ​Frees Up Your Kitchen Fridge

Aside from being able to serve cold drinks using your mini fridge in your wet bar, this also means your kitchen fridge will have some free space in it. The absence of a wet bar in the absence of a mini-fridge.

This means you need to stock up those cans or bottles of beers in your kitchen fridge. Eventually, this will take up space that should originally for food.

Having a wet bar with a mini-fridge solves that space issue. Now, all those cans or bottles of beer or any other beverages can be stored in your mini fridge, freeing up space from your kitchen fridge. 

  • ​Frees Up Your Kitchen

Another benefit of having a wet bar is that it frees up and preserves your kitchen. It is a fact that when there are large gatherings at homes, there are particular places that guests would like to linger at.

Usually, this is around the dining area or the kitchen since both food and drinks are readily available in those areas.

Having a wet bar at home help mitigate that issue. In that way, your guests can lounge and hang around the wet bar instead of the kitchen,

The wet bar is also a more ideal place for having your guests at one spot instead of the kitchen which has the tendency to be cramped.

Furthermore, it will be uncomfortable moving around the kitchen, preparing, cooking while having guests hanging about.

The wet bar has stools and a countertop so guests can enjoy food and drinks while having cheerful conversations with one another.


Conclusively, a wet bar is simply a bar that was created mainly for the purpose of conveniently serving beverages as well as entertaining guests at the comfort of your own home.

This attaches value to your home with its benefits like having a specific spot where you can entertaining guests instead of having them linger around your kitchen.

Owning a wet bar also give you the benefits of freeing up space from your kitchen fridge since it has a mini fridge perfect for all the beverages you need to serve. It also has a sink that gives you readily accessible water whenever you might need it.

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